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Name:illanna wiegraf
Birthdate:Jan 5
Name: Illanna.
Race: Shi'ido but prefers to stay in a Togorian form.
Age: 24.
Force Adept: Yes.
Side: Good.
Appearance: Standing at 10' 4", she had soft, crimson-and-orange fur striped with white at the throat. Thick muscles accented her arms, torso and legs, making her look truly like the predator the Togorians were. A thick, emerald-green cloak would cover her bulk while a belt resided on her waist with a DL-44 carbine in a holster on one side and a gold-bladed lightsaber hooked onto the belt at the opposite flank. She had sapphire-on-amethyst eyes with cat-like slits for pupils.
Racial Traits: Can speak Basic with heavy moderation but preffers the gutteral language of the Togorians.
Personality: Reserved and distant, she sometimes gets a hot temper when matters involve the Sith and/or Empire .
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